Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Market Research Report, Trends, Analysis and Forecast to 2023

Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario where each and every object along with human beings or animals is connected to internet in order to send or receive data. It does not involve direct interaction with computers. The networking is commonly known as connected devices or smart devices. IoT devices draw nanoamps of current even on sleep mode and may draw tens of milliamps while processing or communicating information on the active mode. This requires advanced test systems to measure the power performance of the devices in order to deliver accurate information. Also, there are several benefits of the IoT testing market as it ensures that the customers receive premium user experience across multiple channels and offers an integrated approach to validate the practical and non-functional requirement of IoT solutions. It also ensures interoperability, performance testing, and security. With the arrival of smart devices, the need to test the equipments for performance is pertinent. IoT testing guarantees the development and acceptance of the suitable IoT applications and design in companies. They support organization to make innovative IoT frameworks to enhance their prevailing frameworks. 

IoT testing regulated with sensors and camcorders help screen display environment to ensure device security and guarantee against physical threats. The IoT network helps different groups to resolve issues instantly. The providers of IoT consulting services guarantee the development and implementation of the relevant IoT applications and architecture in organizations. They lead companies to create new IoT infrastructures to improve their existing systems. They also help non-IT companies with minimum expertise to understand IoT technology. The penetration of networking and communication technologies and the need for connected assets, real-time analytics, and security of machines have led to the selection of IoT Testing. The internet of things is also known as IoT and it normally consist of devices, vehicles, buildings or the other connected electronic devices. Such interconnection accelerate assortment and exchange information. IoT testing is used to visualize IoT devices. There’s a large demand to access, create, use and share information from any device. The push is to produce bigger insight and management, over diverse interconnected IoT devices. Hence, IoT testing framework is very important. Some of the primary components of IoT system are data center, network, sensor and application.
The “Global Internet of Things (IoT) Testing  Market” is estimated at $302.90 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $1,776.52 million by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 34.2% from 2016 to 2022.

Internet of Things has turned out to be one of the biggest software that has developed and brought opportunities in the testing process. It is expected that in the coming future Internet of Things would be extensively used in each and every sector by the generation. Thus, this factor will boost the demand for the IoT testing market in upcoming future.

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North America is anticipated to hold the major market share and would lead the IoT testing market. This region has the presence of sustainable and well-established economies, empowering them to strongly invest in research and development activities, thereby contributing to the expansion of new technologies like IoT, big data, DevOps, and mobility. The eagerness of organizations to integrate IoT technologies in their processes has boosted the growth of the IoT testing market significantly. Increasing number of consumers embracing the smart home environment in the United States, IoT is further expanding across the North American region. According to the study, Stanford University researchers, around 66% of households in North America possess at least one IoT device, more than a quarter of the global average of 40%. Although these technologies are increasingly on the radar of hackers, the level of security of these smart homes has been amplified as well. 

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The increased acceptance of IoT impacted the growth of the testing services market comprehensively. Moreover, organizations are also enthusiastic to integrate IoT technologies into their processes, which is likely to boost the growth of the IoT testing market considerably. For instance, AT&T introduced its Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network across the United States, further stressing the momentum behind cellular IoT. Further, a number of IoT testing service providers across the country have emerged in the market, providing various managed or professional services, such as compatibility testing, pilot testing, regulatory testing, and upgrade testing. Moreover, the presence of several IoT related companies in the region creates huge potential for the players in the testing space to capture the opportunity by offering several advanced hardware & software tools for application and device testing.

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