Remote Weapon Station Market Research Report, Trends, Analysis and Forecast to 2026

Remote weapon station is also known as remote weapon system (RWS) and is used for weaponing system with light or medium caliber weapon for fire control systems. This system is commonly retrofitted on functioning vehicle in cases of combat. It is also placed on tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, and naval ships. Remote weapon station is armed with sensors, remote controls, various types of weapons. In other words, remote weapon station is a remotely operated weaponized system mostly equipped with fire-control system for light and medium caliber weapons which can be installed on ground combat vehicle or sea and air-based combat platforms. Such equipment finds application on modern military vehicles, as it makes it possible for a gunner to remain in the relative protection of the vehicle. Today's service personnel face an ever-evolving battle environment and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. Integrating new weapons to these weapon stations would be largely followed trend by various military organizations around the globe. The “Global Remote Weapon Station Market” accounted for $8.12 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $24.76 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period.

Ongoing military modernization programs in various countries across the globe would provide ample opportunities for the market. Over the past few years, the global economy has witnessed several armed conflicts and disputes at both, intrastate as well as interstate levels. Some of the ongoing conflicts currently have also had significant impacts on the global economy; for instance, the war against the Islamic State in Iraq, the civil war in Syria, the North Korea crisis, the war against Taliban in Afghanistan, and so on. These conflicts have mobilized military and law enforcement agencies of major economies of the world, including the US, the UK, and France, among others. Countries are making heavy investments to enhance their military strengths by replacing older technologies and weapons with modern equipment. 

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Increasing investments in the modernization of armored vehicles are leading to the high demand for remote weapon stations. For instance, in March 2018, Kongsberg signed agreements with Qatar, which was worth USD 1.9 billion. The agreement focuses on the supply of Medium-Caliber Turret and Protector Remote Weapon Station for 490 VCBI 8×8 armored infantry fighting vehicles manufactured by Nexter (France). In 2015, Electro Optic Systems (EOS) received a contract for the refurbishment and upgrade of Remote Weapons Systems (RWS) used on the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMVs). The increase in military spending to innovate and develop robust weapon systems in order to modernize the defense forces across the globe is acting as a major opportunity for the market for remote weapon stations. 

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This can be attributed to the fact that, the developed countries such as the U.S, the U.K, Germany, Russia, among others and developing countries such as India, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa among others are investing noteworthy amounts in developing latest technology weapons which include remote weapon stations. The growing investments in the research and development among the defense forces are anticipated to fuel the market for remote weapon stations in the coming years. In addition, the increasing demand for remote weapon stations in the developing nations such as India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil in order to equip the defense forces and homeland security with the most modern weapons and armaments is also expected to bolster the remote weapons stations market. Advanced technologies such as integrated remote weapon systems, advanced gun systems, directed energy weapon systems, next-generation sensors, smart ammunition, and counter-directed energy weapon systems are the major trends being witnessed by the remote weapon station market.

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The remarkable growth of the remote weapon station market in the Asia Pacific region is owing to the increasing defense budgets to innovate and develop robust remote weapon stations by emerging countries, such as China and India. Growing military budget especially in emerging economies such as China and India is a factor anticipated to propel growth of the global remote weapon station market in this region. For instance, companies such as Mahindra Defense Systems and Bharat Electronics, which are based in India, recently launched their newly developed remote weapon stations for armored vehicles. China is expected to account for the major share of the Asia Pacific remote weapon station market owing to the increasing research & development activities undertaken in the country for the development of advanced remote weapon stations. 

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