Stretchable electronics Market Research Report, Trends, Analysis and Forecast to 2026

Stretchable electronics is also known as elastic electronics or elastic circuits. Stretchable Electronics is a technology which includes designing electronic circuits by means of deposition of stretchable electronic devices on the stretchable substrates. They can likewise be installed totally in stretchable materials such as silicones or polyurethanes. Stretchable electronics can include the same electronic devices that are utilized for rigid printed circuit boards. Only thing that should be changed is the substrate and interconnects which should to be stretchable in nature. Normally, polymers are mostly used material for substrates or material which should be embedded.

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Stretchable electronics can be seen to attempt bio mimicry of human skin or flesh in the part of being stretchable while holding its full functionality. Specifications for stretchable electronics relating to their standards are being developed by Association Connecting Electronics Industries and by the users of adaptable circuits. New materials and progressed in the micro fabrication techniques are prompting to the advancements in the stretchable electronics. “Global Stretchable electronics Market” is accounted for $28.02 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $7,093.84 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 84.9%during the forecast period.

Increasing requirements for high-performance devices and low-cost manufacturing are likely to propel the stretchable electronics market growth fundamentally. Moreover, the requirement for differentiation combined with lower power consumption may fuel stretchable electronics demand broadly. Rising high end-user interest combined with requirement for working integrated devices is further likely to support market growth. Increasing adoption of wearable devices is one of the significant factor fueling the stretchable electronics market. Wearable devices are utilized in different industries as per the need of the end customer. In healthcare industry, the devices are utilized to screen and analyze any future illness in the person by collecting physiological and behavioural data. In cardiology, wearable devices offer fundamental information such as heart rhythms, blood pressure, breathing patterns and blood glucose level among others. In addition, in Global Textile Market Size industry, smart clothing is picking up traction because of the stretchable electronics; researches are being led to integrate bendable micro sized electronic components into fabrics. High competition from non-stretchable electronics products combined with complexity of the value chain tend to inhibit development in the global stretchable electronics market over the coming years.

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Development of new functionalities and applications combined with integration into numerous products is providing opportunities for the global stretchable electronics market growth. Rising demand for flexible electronics along with the wide scope of substrates and increased investments may positively impact the stretchable electronics market growth in coming years. Increasing demand for light-weight products and environmentally friendly technology is further likely to propel market growth. The growth is because of the surging demand in healthcare, sport, and military sectors. The market is likely to the grow because of the many advantages offered by these electronics such as long switching times, simple fabrication, and low fabrication cost. Moreover, stretchable electronics is foreseen to empower new markets for large-area, flexible or low-cost disposable devices, which is additionally likely to fuel the global market growth. Also, stretchable electronics technology may offer processing advantages, which may positively impact market growth in the coming years.

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In terms of region, North America is likely to hold the highest growth of market during forecast period because of increasing investments in building & developing organic stretchable photovoltaic cells, IoT and touch sense eskin. The United States and Canada are the main leading countries in the North America. The growth is due to rising demand for wearable devices in the medical sector. The primary factor behind the growth of stretchable electronics market in North America is implementation of advanced technologies by the market players present in the region and increasing utilization of stretchable electronics in many applications such as consumer products, healthcare, aerospace, telecom etc. Additionally, most of the R&D activities are responsible for the growth of stretchable electronics market in North America during the forecast period. United States is also a significant market for the smart phone industry with so many smart phone users and also poised to reach more in number in the next few years. Therefore, rise in demand and market revenue for smart phones and digital cameras are positively impacting the growth of consumer electronics industry in the region.

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