The Soft Robotics Market Will Experience Rapid Growth


The soft robotics market is a multi-sectoral enterprise that spans industry and applications. These soft robotics applications impact several end-users industrial applications & uses. But what exactly is Soft Robotics since, for several people, it would sound so technical and incomprehensible? Let's dissect it below into a simple realm.

What is Soft Robotics?

Soft robotics isn't the hard-metal robot type. The robotics are technologically advanced and made with soft tissue similar to human or living tissue. Soft robotics accurately mimic the motions and behaviours of living tissue.  

Modern Drivers of the Soft Robotics Rapid Growth

Today the soft robotics market is experiencing exponential growth due to the following factors & drivers across several industries.

(a). The increasing & demand for automation across basic and essential industries such as e-commerce, for

(b). Low cost of sensors that are essential inputs in the design and development of soft robots vital in several processes in modern manufacturing.  

(c). The need for increased safety parameters that enhance worker safety and better industrial production protocols

Projected Growth and Development of Soft Robotics in 2022 & Beyond

In the period preceding 2022, the soft robotics market exceeded 1150 million dollars, driven by a surge in demand for automation across several industries like manufacturing & medical. Even the effects of COVID-19 notwithstanding, the new soft robotics growth trends project an even higher CAGR of 36.3% at 6400 million dollars estimated growth between 2022-2026. That is an exponential surge in demand for soft robotics. But what drives these figures to such high levels of projections?

Medical Soft Robotics

One of the fastest growing applications for soft is medical or health-related applications. These cater to a range of precision surgical health services.

(a). Minimal Invasive Surgeries

Minimal invasive surgeries require less opening of surgical locations and instead rely on laser-guided surgical procedures. It saves time, is precise and avails a faster healing process, unlike open surgical procedures.   

(b). High-Risk Medical Procedures

Highly-risky medical procedures rely more on soft robotics to accomplish a range of precise processes in the consultation & treatment phases. The demand for soft robotics has grown tenfold across specializations to improve health services delivery & efficiency.  

Manufacturing Soft Robotics

a). Enhanced Industrial Safety & Efficiency

In manufacturing, there are chances of getting hurt or accidents happening. That may impair the other processes. That is where soft robotics play a significant part by doing or carrying out tasks that would expose workers to these tasks.

(b). Quality Industrial Manufacturing

The benefit of soft robotics is the perfection of established quality work rhythm of operation without compromise. Soft robotics sustains this trend and ensures a continuous flow of quality from all industrial processes and routines. 

(c). Sustained Industrial Productivity 

Soft robotics is indispensable in carrying out both simple and advanced industrial tasks and enhancing sustained industrial productivity. These are robotic machines equipped with the ability to do industrial tasks & routines that would take humans more time. 


The growth and development of soft robotics are on the rise and expected to touch higher figures in 2022 & beyond. The growth forecast is driven-by solid demand for efficiency from automation and precise outcomes from service industries. Soft robotics will scale higher growth and experience rapid transformation in the 2022-2026 window of growth projections.

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